Map. History of World conflict

26 September 2017
Pro-Assad government soldier posting executions on Facebook
In Video , the moment when Syrian air-defenses hit unidentified target Southwest of Damascus
1.7M Earthquake registered in Morristown, New Jersey - USGS
UN Security Council to meet on Myanmar Thursday: diplomats
US Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. Scott Swift submits request to retire
President Maduro is addressing the country from the Palace of Miraflores next to Candidates for Governors of the Psuv.
Report: Syrian air-defenses shot down unidentified target in Southwest of the country.
Reports of air defenses missile fired from western Damascus towards Israel.
UN Secretary General: "The decision to hold the referendum in disputed areas, notably in Kirkuk, is particularly destabilizing."
Iraqi Prime Minister: We are not ready to discuss the results of the referendum and we will not deal with it
Abadi: We will step up our actions and protect all citizens in Kurdistan
[email protected]: Tremendous backlash against the NFL and its players for disrespect of our Country. StandForOurAnthem
[email protected]: General John Kelly totally agrees with my stance on NFL players and the fact that they should not be disrespecting our FLAG or GREAT COUNTRY!
[email protected]: [email protected] is FakeNews. Just reported COS (John Kelly) was opposed to my stance on NFL players disrespecting FLAG, ANTHEM, COUNTRY. Total lie!
Iraqi PM says the referendum is illegitimate and will seek punishment for those responsible for holding it.
Iraqi PM says the federal authorities will return to Kirkuk and all Iraq.
Photos of 1st governmentnt unit near the border in Anbar. They just finished clearing out Wadi Houran.
Large Peshmerga forces arrived in Kirkuk to join Hawija operation
Photos of PMU Brigade 51 in freed areas north of Baiji
Senator Collins opposes Graham-Cassidy health care bills
Venezuela National Guard dispersing protesters at Chacao with tear gas. Arrests made
No delay in Hawija operation - Army reinforcements and PMU rocket forces arrived to the area.
Saudi authorities arrest Islamic preacher Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 6km NNE of Passi, Indonesia
Two young people detained by National Guard during protest in Chacao
Missile strikes on Khan al-Asal and Al Rashidin west of Aleppo
The besieged villages of Fuaah and Kafrayah under rebel GRAD fire
Syria: founder of Free Syrian Army Colonel Riyad Al-Asaad highlights need to give up conventional war and to wage guerilla warfare vs pro-Assad forces
CBO releases preliminary analysis of Graham-Cassidy bill, says "at least several weeks" needed to provide full analysis.
Airstrikes on towns of Al Mayadin area, and reports about civilian casualties. Deir-Ez-Zur
Iraqi PM Al Abadi will give a televised speech after a while
Pakistan cricket star and potential prime minister Imran Khan calls Trump's Afghanistan policy "deeply flawed".
[email protected] says she's made up her mind on Graham-Cassidy. Won't say which way she's voting, yet.
Cornyn says Senate GOP will meet tomorrow to discuss current repeal effort. No decision til then
@VP: En route to @NASA_Marshall with @Robert_Aderholt, Natl Space Council ED Scott Pace and policy dir. Daris Meeks to discuss space program.
Celebration in Duhok now
Venezuelan foreign minister Jorge Arreaza slams US president Donald Trump for behaving "as if he were emperor of the world"
Rescue operation as aircrafts targeted civilians in Al Rahjan village of Hama
The St. Clair County State’s Attorney’s Office charged a sheriff’s deputy for allegedly sexually assaulting a Cahokia woman twice this year.
Graves backed Rep Pascrell D-NJ in asking why damage in TX and FL should get special tax treatment but not in NJ
[email protected] confirm suspect in standoff is now in custody.
Rep Garret Graves R-LA expresses opposition to provisions on flood insurance in this FAA/hurricane tax relief bill
In Puerto Rico, death toll from Hurricane Maria reaches 16
[email protected]: The US is deeply troubled by the decision of a court in Russian-occupied Crimea against RFE/Radio Liberty's Mykola Semena
A library in downtown Sioux Falls has been evacuated as police are involved in a standoff with a parolee who claims he has a weapon.
Two people are in custody after a truck left running in a Boise driveway was stolen this morning.
Investors take cover in gold as North Korea threatens war
Brazil house speaker says Temer charges must be taken together
Sioux Falls, SD Police Surround Downtown Library In Standoff With Parolee; SWAT on Scene - KDLT
Washington, D.C. police officer killed in car crash with tractor-trailer in Clarksville, Md.
Washington Post: Russians used Facebook to try to exploit divisions over Black Lives Matter, Muslims during election
[email protected]: "Is there a legal definition of adequate and affordable in this bill?" @BillCassidy: "There's a Merriam-Webster definition."
Rep Bill Pascrell D-NJ says GOP took plans from his tax relief bill for Sandy but won't apply them to Sandy victims
@SenWarren: If Congress won't stand up for workers, the very least we can do is give these workers a chance to join together and stand up for themselves.
Catalan National Assembly (ANC) press chief @AdriaAlsina says the Civil Guard has shut down their webpage.
A Mercedes ran over and killed a Moscow traffic policeman at high speed
@RepAdamSchiff: Puerto Rico suffered catastrophic damage from HurricaneMaria. Millions with o power or water. Congress should take up emergency aid asap.
Choe Son-hui, director-general of DPRK foreign ministry's North American department to hold talks in Moscow with Russian diplomats.
Police shut down streets in downtown Las Vegas after person leaving courthouse 'intentionally' hit by car; driver fled - KVVU
Rochester mom busted for DUI with 5 kids in car
@RandPaul: Republicans treating health care bill "like a kidney stone: "Pass it, pass it. Pass it."
U.S. says Iran's supposed missile launch on Friday was fake, says footage was more than 7 months old
2 Syrian government forces from Tartous were killed by ISIS in Deir Ez zor today
Met police say controlled explosion took place outside the North Korean embassy in London tonight and that the item was found to be non-suspicious
Cantwell also said Trump should name a point person to take the lead at the WH and work with all fed agencies on Puerto Rico response
Sen. Cantwell, in middle of health care hearing, redirects attention to Puerto Rico crisis. Says time for FEMA declaration for all of PR.
[email protected] says GOP constituents in KY want him to vote against Graham-Cassidy, believing it a "stamp of approval" on Obamacare spending.
Dozens arrested as demonstrators interrupt Senate hearing on Graham-Cassidy health plan
US Department of State: We'll continue to de-conflict ops with RUS, but comments made by RUS officials untrue and unhelpful.
US Department of State: Claims that US supports ISIS or complicit in Russian commander death has no basis in fact. US/Coalition has one objective: defeat of ISIS
[email protected]: "We've always had friendly conversations. I've never had a cross word with the president."
Person "intentionally targeted" and hit by car after leaving downtown LasVegas courthouse
FBI releases sketch of man suspected of setting off pipe bomb Sept. 6 at East Chicago post office, injuring one
[email protected] lists several conditions for supporting Graham-Cassidy bill. "Am I willing to compromise? Yes."
Man arrested near White House had these 9 guns, 3 knives, Secret Service says
Earthquake of magnitude 6.0 - 193km S of Taron, Papua New Guinea
72% turnout in Kurdistan referendum: election commission
Body of IRGC officer Mohsen Hojaji who was beheaded by ISIS in Syria returns to Iran
[email protected], to @jaketapper: "Voting to keep it and block granting it is not repeal - it's fake repeal."
Jared Kushner used a private email account to talk to White House officials, his attorney says
McConnell back to whacking Obamacare on the Senate floor, praises Graham and Cassidy
Sen Schumer calls for White House to request more hurricane disaster aid for Florida, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico
In opening remarks on Senate floor, McConnell doesn't tip his hand if he would bring Graham/Cassidy to flr. Very vague and neutral
McConnell opens Senate by thanking Graham and Cassidy, but mentions nothing about a vote on their GOP health plan
Rep. Cummings writes Jared Kushner, questioning use of personal email to communicate with White House officials
“Certainly we’re going to continue to rely on partners…consistent with the president’s view of burden sharing" says WH NatSec Adv Gen McMaster
Iraq Sec. and Def. Committee - army has "taken all required actions" in order to "retake" areas which were seized by Kurdish forces in 2014
"At this hour we search for Justice in the dark of the night! This is a trial of journalism" CHP's @barisyarkadas at Cumhuriyet17 trial.
“I didn’t see any of the chaos…we were actually working in a sensible and effective way" says Gen HR McMaster of Trump White House
SOHR: ISIS kills 79 government forces' members and loyalists including 7 Russians at eastern banks of Euphrates River
“His agenda is really clear" says Gen McMaster of @POTUS "He demands results"
On Trump White House, “There’s nobody who’s there serving the president who’s there to control the president” per Gen McMaster
[email protected] departing for Huntsville, AL to meet with top @NASA officials. Focus on future of space - vital for national security and US economy
Pres Trump chose not to respond when asked about the North Korean Foreign Minister's charge that he had declared war on North Korea.
Canadian Prime Minister: We respect the process initiated by the Kurds
"If I can't afford it, it doesn't matter!" @LindseyGrahamSC confronted by protesters over GOP health care bill
September 25 - Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS in Syria and Iraq
Turkish court releases prominent Turkish journalist Kadri Gursel from custody, pending charges
Pres Trump advised the kids to "do what you love and you're going to be successful." Said it's not work if you love what you do.
Pres said greater access to STEM and computer science classes will help kids prepare for the high-paying jobs of the future.
Protest in Los Mangos Guayana
"The president will confront Russia’s destabilizing behavior” - as he has done in Syria per WH's McMaster at #ISWsc17
With kids in STEM t-shirts around the Resolute Desk, Pres Trump committed to $200-million a year to fund computer science education.
@POTUS “has done everything he can to strengthen @NATO” per WH's McMaster “It seems like tough love but it’s love”
Protesters on the avenue Francisco de Miranda at Chacao seized the truck of the CICPC
Kurdistan region Referendum: 93.7% for after 227 858 votes counted
“Time to resurrect geopolitics as a focus of our strategic planning efforts” adds McMaster, saying US needs its allies
“We’ve seen a pattern of activity by Russia that challenges US interests and the interests of our allies”-WH NatSec Adv HR McMaster #ISWsc17
Pres Trump signs memorandum directing @BetsyDeVosED to make computer science a priority in the schools to better prepare kids for STEM jobs.
US "not assuming that anything we do will go without some sort of a response" from DPRK per WH's McMaster
What gives you confidence a blockade wouldn't spark war with North Korea? McMaster: “Nothing.” #ISWsc17
The SDF moved about 15% of their fighters from Raqqa to join clashes against IS in Deir ez-Zor.
“Much greater danger of Kim Jong Un not recognizing the danger he was placing himself, his government and his ppl in”-McMaster re POTUS tweets
McMaster on what U.S will do about Idlib: “I can’t really talk about it very much right now.” Says Tillerson is working on it. #ISWsc17
“I don’t think we have seen any evidence that difference rhetoric in the past has moderated the behavior"of DPRK-McMaster on @POTUS tweets
Raqqa24 team in besieged #Raqqa: 11 civilians died in the last 5 days due lack of medicine
Peshmerga Rojava: "There is tension with the Syrian regime in Qamishlu because of the clashes today in the Deir al-Azur"
#JCPOA "is the worst deal. It gives Iran all the benefits” #NatSec Adv McMaster tells ISWsc17 "I agree with the president"
"200 million a year. Does that sounds like big bucks?" Kids: "Yeah." Trump, joking: "It's peanuts. You're going to say 'Give us more.'"
LTG McMaster: Population in areas seized from ISIS "will never accept" Assad's forces as legitimate. #ISWSC17
What's the strategy for stopping Iran and Hezbollah from gaining strategic advantage in Syria? McMaster: “I can’t tell you.” #iswsc17
SOHR: 1100+ airstrikes on ~45 areas in Hama and Idlib in one week have left at least 58 civilians killed and 307 civilians injured. Also, 142 rebels including over 50 Faylaq al-Sham rebels were killed by airstrikes on Idlib province.
US has thought through 4-5 different ways DPRK problem is going to be resolved - “some are uglier than others" per WH's McMaster
SDF fully controlled Fardos neighborhood in #Raqqa
Cruz aides say Graham-Cassidy folks backed away from deal for more reg rollback in newest draft, still working "to get to yes"
“One of the things that North Korea could do…[give] access to IAEA [@iaeaorg] inspectors” suggests WH's McMaster
Cassidy says he would've preferred Dem co-sponsor, references his "bipartisan" proposal with Susan Collins, a Republican.
[email protected] signs STEM EO to help American kids be prepared for workforce of tomorrow. Admin focused on creating opportunities in our schools.
“Talks have to happen under conditions that differ from previous talks” but not going to come up with list of preconditions, per McMaster
“What we hope to do is avoid war but what we can’t do is discount that possibility” - WH's Gen McMaster on DPRK threat
DPRK “threat much further advanced than anybody anticipated” per WH National Security Adviser McMaster
54.70 percent voted in Halabja. majority voted yes in two other sub-districts
NE. Latakia: FSA 1st Coastal Division initiated a shelling campaign of government positions in retaliation for civilians killed by airstrikes.
As @POTUS said, "it would be a suicide mission" for DPRK to attack US, per Nat Sec Adviser HR McMaster
“A nuclearized North Korea…unacceptable bcs of the government's past behavior in proliferating every weapons system”-NSA McMaster
Situation in the street Elice de Chacao. #Caracas
[email protected]: "Actually, a state could take the dollars that we're giving, and continue the [Medicaid] expansion program as they have it."
Las Vegas, Nevada shooting at 1800 W Charleston Blvd: 1 killed
National Security Council frames challenges through key guidlines,including “peace through strength”, such as in nuclear deterrence per McMaster
Al-Shabab fighters reportedly 'retake' Taraka village after KDF vacated earlier Monday; it comes five days after withdrawing Bardhere town.
Need to"shift the balance back in favor of the United States” per McMaster “We’re beginning to frame the problemandprovide guidance"
Cassidy complains D's won't work with him, says he worked with Collins on earlier bill they could back. But Collins isn't backing this bill.
Kenya troops have withdrawn another military base in Gedo region, local officials have told Somali media.
Key for US national security: “Get the White House out of the business of tactical decision making” per Nat Sec Adviser Gen HR McMaster
SDF captured weapons from killed ISIS militants in Raqqa city.
China's U.N. envoy Liu, reacting to North Korean FM's remarks, tells Reuters: 'we want things to calm down, it's getting too dangerous'
There is tensions in Hasakah and Qamishli cities between the Syrian government and SDF, with government demanding that SDF stop advance and give up locations
Here’s someone working at the @WhiteHouse today producing a visible accomplishment.
The pres is "simply stating that pride in our country is a good thing and standing up for the natl anthem is a symbol of that," says Sanders.
West Idlib: aftermath of airstrikes on Jisr Shoghur shows shopping street in center devasted. Death toll has risen to 20.
The White House: U.S hopes for a unified Iraq to destroy the Islamic state organization and confront Iran
Q: “Is he trying to wage some kind of culture war?” @PressSec: “Not at all.”
Q: Does the president have a problem with the First Amendment? @PressSec: “Not at all.”
ISIS released video from North of Baghdad [Tarmiyeh and its region] with a compilation of old images and news of ops and executions
Sanders says federal response to Hurricane Maria "anything but slow.' Says @TomBossert45 and @FEMA_Brock today assessing in PR and USVI.
Sen Lindsey Graham R-SC at Senate health care hearing: "I'm here because Obamacare is a disaster in my state"
“The federal response has been anything but slow” to Puerto Rico, replies @PressSec. Focus still on life-saving efforts.
Charter aircraft travel by @SecPriceMD not approved by WH, says @PressSec. Came out of general funds at @HHSGov.
[email protected]: Always appropriate for the pres. of this country to promote our flag, to promote our national anthem and ask people to respect it.
Syrian FM to RUssiaToday: "Syrian Kurds want a form of autonomy within Syria's borders, and that's something negotiable"
“To my knowledge, very limited,” answers @PressSec on how extensive use is in @WhiteHouse of private e-mails.
Sanders says President Trump has sent FEMA Administrator Long, Homeland Security Adv. Bossert to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico today.
“It really doesn’t take that long to type out 140 characters,” says @PressSec on whether @POTUS TakeAKneeNFL tweets consuming his time.
Big fire at chemical plant in Bila Tserkva, no emission of hazardous materials detected
Erdogan accuses Myanmar of "Buddhist terror" against Rohingya
ISIS claim destroyed SDF vehicle with ATMG south of al-Shuwar in eastern DeirEzZor
BBC Korea launched today via shortwave and mediumwave. The shortwave service is already being jammed, almost certainly by North Korea.
“False narrative” that @POTUS was warned by officials not to make it personal with Kim Jong Un in UNGA speech, asserts @PressSec.
“I certainly don’t think talking about the American flag is a distraction for the President of the United States,” replies @PressSec.
UAE to open Arab world's first nuclear reactor in 2018
[email protected]: "As President Trump has said: Racism is evil. It has no place in our country."
“We’ve not declared war on North Korea,” says @PressSec. “Frankly the suggestion of that is absurd.”
Defends @POTUS NFL statements. Says always appropriate for the pres to defend the flag, national anthem and those who fought to defend them.
“We’ve done unprecedented movement in terms of federal funding” for Puerto Rico, says @PressSec in response to question.
“It’s always appropriate for the President of the United States to defend our flag, to defend our National Anthem…" - @PressSec
@PressSec on TakeAKneeNFL: “This isn’t about the president being against anyone.”
"If you want a hearing, you better shut up," Finance Committee Chair Orrin Hatch says as protesters chant "No cuts to Medicaid."
List of "grassroots leaders” invited for dinner with @POTUS this evening.
Celebrations in Qamishli city for Iraqi Kurdistan Referendum.
A longer version of the Civil Guard in Huelva leaving for Catalonia, to loud cheers and applause
A longer version of the Civil Guard in Huelva leaving for Catalonia, to loud cheers and applause
On Wednesday @POTUS heads to Indianapolis, announces @PressSec.
Nusra ex-official says Turkey talked ISIS into withdrawing from Jarablous, with the Levant Front as the intermediary
Chair Orrin Hatch, Finance Committee members watch as protesters disrupt start of Graham-Cassidy hearing with chant about saving Medicaid.
Sen Hatch R-UT just said the Graham-Cassidy health care hearing is in recess "until we get order"
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 0km SSE of Sioah, Indonesia
Police appear to remove protester in a wheel chair at Graham-Cassidy hearing.
Poroshenko signed a law on education
Sen Orrin Hatch R-UT tries to start hearing as demonstrators chant, "No cuts to Medicaid, save our liberty"
Hatch on Graham Cassidy: " I wish 'em luck. But I'm not convinced they have much of a chance"
Consequences of shelling today in Maryinka
Russian airstrikes on Jisr-al-Shughur
NATO and partner countries have launched three days of disaster relief exercises in the city of Tuzla in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Pentagon: ISIS executed 45 of its own fighters between Iraqi cities of Anah and Rawa “as a warning to others,” who were fleeing Anah, spox
@SenSanders: The people of Puerto Rico are suffering. We must act immediately to address this humanitarian crisis.
In an order just issued, the Court asks for briefs on the case, and leaves open the chance of future arguments
In aftermath of new Trump travel ban policy, US Supreme Court cancels October 10 arguments on that matter
Passing Graham-Cassidy will be "virtually impossible," @senorrinhatch says.
Memo signed by @POTUS "to prioritize computer science education programs for grades K-12."
Amb. Volker: Putin tried to create unified pro-Russia Ukraine and instead united Ukraine against Russia. Now faces increasing costs #ISWsc17
Warner says if Kushner emails "used to hide anything that might have had something to do with Russians that would obviously be relevant"
Union of the Jabal al-Sheikh Forces Fagot/Konkurs ATGM strike on government Popular Committees Beit Jinn, Quneitra
Iran to join large-scale Iraq-Turkish military exercises on the common border between the two countries
[email protected]: Putin wants to overturn an international order he sees as unfair. #ISWsc17
Iraqi troops arrived to Turkey to attend Turkish Army's military drill on the border with Iraq and Syria
This is a real picture, of Lt Ummer Fayaz, a young officer from Jammu and Kashmir. He was brutally tortured and killed by Pakistan supported militants: India
Turkish military confirms joint maneuvers, says will conduct the drills with Iraqi army at the border
Rand Paul is holding another press conference on Graham-Cassidy.
We are constrained to show a photo that reflects real picture of pain inflicted by nefarious designs of Pakistan on India: India
Civil Guard confirms to us that "hundreds" of officers "from all around Spain" have been ordered this week to Catalonia.
Russian aircrafts target Hayan, north of Aleppo, Mansoura, Atareb and Urum Al Qurba in the western countryside of Aleppo
"We are not the problem," France and Germany envoys say of Europe, on obstacles to IranDeal renegotiation. Point to China and Russia.
Pakistan mislead assembly by displaying the picture to spread falsehoods abt India. Fake picture to push completely false narrative: India
Defense Sec. Mattis not reviewing U.S. military participation in professional sports events, Pentagon spokesperson says
Permanent Representative of Pakistan did so by callously holding up picture if an injured girl, its was photo of Rawya abu Jom from Palestine: India's Right to reply
Pentagon: US Transportation Command is moving additional personnel and 8 UH-60 helicopters to San Juan, Puerto Rico
Turkish Air Force drone UAV tracking north of Iraq
SDF commander says they target 'hostile forces' with heavy weapons in retaliation after bombings earlier.
Permanent Representative of Pakistan in her statement sought to divert attention from Pakistan`s role as hub of global terrorism: India's Right to Reply
Tennessee police officer arrested near @WhiteHouse with weapons in car trunk.
Islamic State attacks the SDF hold Koniko oilfield in the Deir Ezzor province with GRAD rockets(GRAD-P)
A hand grenade was thrown govt troops in Ali kamiin neighborhood in Mogadishu, sporadic gun fire can be the scene. Somalia
Iraqi Ministry of Defense: a large-scale military exercises with the Turkish army started on the border between the two countries
Britain would have to accept all EU rules during Brexit transition - Barnier
Airstrikes hit Atarib city western Aleppo
Cruz not yet supportive of Graham Cassidy after revisions. Lee still reviewing. No votes have moved
In Ağrı, the gunmen opened fire on the minibus: 3 dead, 2 injured
If Pyongyang's provocative actions don't stop, then @POTUS will be provided with options to deal with DPRK, says @DeptofDefense.
AK Party MP from Gaziantep Abdülkadir Yüksel has died due to a heart attack
N. Hama-S. Idlib: powerful RuAF airstrikes on Lataminah and Jebel Zawiyah.
N. Hama-S. Idlib: powerful RuAF airstrikes on Lataminah and Jebel Zawiyah.
Another video of Civil Guard from Cádiz "on the way to Catalonia". Cheering, Spanish flags.
Kurds in Iran marching in support of today's KRG referendum on Kurdish independence - which Tehran strictly opposes.
Egypt activists launch "25 days" for rights activist @Alaa AbdelFattah as he faces yet more jail time in upcoming sentencing #FreeAlaa
Kurds in Iran are on the streets to support KRG referendum in Iraq
Pentagon: Kurdish referendum 'distraction' from ISIS fight. "This is an issue for Iraq, they are going to have to sort that out,” spox says
Flight delays after 'total radar failure' at Sydney airport
@DNC chair @TomPerez on new draft of health care bill: "Republicans have resorted to buying off votes to pass an unpopular bill."
Civil Casualties reported in Arbin, Damascus as government shells the area
Civil Casualties reported in Arbin, Damascus as government shells the area
EU Commission President assumes that Germany's politics on refugees won't change under a potentially new coalition government
Gazeen Marri granted interim bail in judge murder case
Iranian Kurds in the town of Sanadaj marched in support of the Kurdistan Region, protesting Iran
Ballot boxes sealed throughout Kurdistan Region as voting ends in Kurdistan Referendum.
Hundreds march in spontaneous anti-AfD rally in Cologne
Inherent Resolve:Sep 23-24, Coalition forces conducted 85 strikes consisting of 167 engagements vs ISIS in Syria and Iraq
Lebanon, Pennsylvania shooting at 700 block of Mifflin St: 1 killed, 1 injured
Burlington, North Carolina shooting at 700 Block of Lee St: 1 injured
Mobile, Alabama shooting at Theodore Dawes Road: no casualities
Harrison, New Jersey shooting at Frank E Rodgers Blvd: 1 killed
New Haven, Connecticut shooting at 217 Rosette St: 1 injured
Brandon, Mississippi shooting at Holmar Drive: no casualities
Gainesville, Florida shooting at N/A: no casualities
Gainesville, Florida shooting at N/A: no casualities
Gainesville, Florida shooting at 1500 NW 12th St: 1 killed
Gainesville, Florida shooting at 1500 NW 12th St: 1 killed
Baltimore, Maryland shooting at Franklintown and Baltimore: 1 injured
Baltimore, Maryland shooting at Franklintown and Baltimore: 1 injured
Grandview, Missouri shooting at 6006 E 126th St: 2 injured
Washington, District of Columbia shooting at 4200 block of 7th St SE: no casualities
Government still shelling Beit Jin with artillery and helicopters (Mi-25) and renewed attempt to advance in farmland.
Britain's Davis links settlement of Brexit bill to deal on future ties
Brexit Secretary David Davis MP says the UK will honour financial commitments made during EU membership but in context of new relationship
US senator from Florida requests additional US military assistance for Puerto Rico
Hashd al-Shaabi forces say they are prepared to do battle in Kirkuk after Iraqi PM ordered troops deployment in disputed areas.
Russian Northern fleet launched 13 missiles as conclusion of drill in Barents Sea, Arctic
@SenSanders: It is cruel and immoral to say to millions of Americans, “We are going to take away the health insurance that keeps you alive.”
Col Manning DOD spox: All options on the table to protect allies
Photos from the continued Turkish Army drill on the border with Iraqi Kurdish Region today.
Satellite night images of PuertoRico. HurricaneMaria knocked out power grid, millions without electricity
Hearing to consider GrahamCassidy in Senate Finance Committee today at 2:00 pm.
Democratic leaders urging vote against combo FAA/hurricane tax relief plan up for suspension vote in House today
[email protected] on Wall Street:"I think we've got to break up these big banks."
SDF claims it has responded to government/Russian agressions, after numerous warnings
Pro-Assad-forces try to advance in desert from Humaymah to ISIS held T-2 Pump station 70km west of AbuKamal
Voter turnout in Khanaqin in Diyala Province is 90%, according to Kurdistan Referendum Commission
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 50km ENE of Port-Olry, Vanuatu
Polls just closed in Kurdistan Referendum: 76% Participation
DPRK FM Ri Press conference: All UN members should remember its US that 1st declared war
DPRK FM "In light of the declaration of war by Trump, all options are on the table of the supreme leadership"
North Korea's foreign min says Trump's comments "clearly a declaration of war" and they now have the right to shoot down US bombers.
North Korean For. Min. Ri says NK has the right to shoot down US warplanes which threaten it- responding to flight of B1 bombers near NK.
The Egyptian iron man “Ramy Elsebeiy” BigRamy has won the Arnold Classic Europe 2017 arnoldclassic
Iraqi government redeploys various divisions from the outskirts of Hawijah to Tuz Khurmatu PMU as reinforcements.
North Korean foreign minister says Trump's comments over the weekend were clearly a declaration of war
The end of military training between Egypt and Saudi Arabia «Faisal 11»
Maria brings evacuations on North Carolina islands
HRW: 2 US-led coalition strikes near Raqqa killed 84 Syrian civilians including 30 kids
"DNR militants" shelled Maryinka, at least 7 buildings were damaged
Former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison for sex chats with a 15-year-old girl
E. Damascus: fierce clashes and shelling continue on Jobar and Ain Terma fronts after government launched simultaneous assaults on 4 axes.
PKK attack kills Syrian refugee in southeast Turkey
Kirkuk governor declares a curfew will be imposed Monday night after referendum polling stations close.
Big fire at warehouse with domestic chemicals in Chekhkov of Moscow region. Chlorine smell in the city
Trump resigned on health care: "we’re going to lose two or three votes, and that’s the end of that.”
Scenes of clashes MMC/SDF with Daesh in North Raqqa, Andalus District yesterday
15 killed and dozens of wounded civilians in a new toll of Russian raids on the city of Jisr al-Shughour west of Idlib
Syrian Observatory: At least 27 civilians killed in Russian raids on the Northwest Idlib province
Amherst County, Va., deputy shot in the head during traffic stop
The Egyptian army is installing 30-meter observation towers equipped with night-time surveillance cameras at checkpoints and ambushes in the Sinai to monitor remote movements through cameras
New Orleans, Louisiana shooting at Tupelo and Urquhart: 1 injured
New Orleans, Louisiana shooting at 2500 block of Marais St: 1 killed
Chicago, Illinois shooting at 10100 S Wallace St: 1 injured
Milwaukee, Wisconsin shooting at 40th and Villard: 1 killed
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 150km NNW of Sola, Vanuatu
Child killed and several other civilians were wounded as result of airstrike in Muhanbal, Idlib
Rudaw has footage of clashes between Shia militia and peshmerga in Tuz Khormato: one driver died and peshmerga wounded
Idlib: Russian Airstrikes Hit Saraqeb City
New Graham-Cassidy doesn't appease @RandPaul's concerns, says Paul spox.
6 civilians were killed as result of airstrike on Jisr al-Shughur in western Idlib countryside
White House Press Sec. Sarah Sanders will give an on-camera press briefing at 2 p.m. today
IHEC extends voting deadline for KurdistanReferendum for one hour across Kurdistan region
RSAF @SaudiHawks88 team display at Malta Airshow
At the request of parliament, Iraqi PM Abadi has ordered troops to disputed areas to 'protect citizens.'
Rand Paul praises Braidy Industries: "an exciting time to be in Ashland"
The Vatican at the UN: We are concerned about the political division, instability and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela
The popular market in the town of Sarakeb After the Russian air raids
U.S. Central Command:[email protected] Strike Update: Near Raqqah, 29 strikes engaged 7 ISIS tactical units and destroyed 20 positions
TASS: Ryabkov: The death of a Russian general in Syria was a consequence of the US's duplicitous policy.
NE Damascus FSA forces destroy government tank and military bulldozer on Manasher axis in Jobar
Kirkuk governor Karim; I ask people of Kirkuk to be calm,no celebratory gunfire. Keep ur bullets for when it is necessary to defend the city
Juventus president Agnelli suspended for 1 year for illegal tickets selling. Juventus fined for 300k €
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: Congress is working with the administration to ensure necessary resources get to our fellow citizens in PuertoRico.
3 days aft @POTUS visit, @VP heads to Alabama today to do campaign rally for @lutherstrange in GOP runoff tomorrow again @MooreSenate
WH has ignored a bipartisan request from Senate Judiciary to provide more info about Kushner's security clearance, despite a July deadline
Big fire at warehouse in Chekhov near Moscow
The number of victims in Mexico earthquake is now 320
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 64km ENE of Gisborne, New Zealand
SDF Seizes al-Kubar town western Deir-Ezzor from ISIS
Trump: "Ray will have a hard time. If Luther wins, the Dems will hardly fight. If Ray wins they will pour in $30mil"
The body of Doku Umarov discovered in Ingushetia - REN TV
Azerbaijan’s Defense Minister meets Belarusian Ambassador
LTG Nakasone: we can't take eye off Iran-can hit financial industry, can hack unclass networks, destructive attacks in Mid East #ISWSC17
'New wave' of minors fleeing forceful recruitment of Al-Shabab arriving in Baidoa: officials
Myanmar Kha Maung - 17 more bodies of Hindus found: Republic
Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says it is important the UK Government does not want any form of physical border between in Ireland
Syria Clashes between SDF and ISIS now in Andalus neighborhood at northern entrance of Raqqa city
Huang Xingguo, Mayor of Tianjin Municipality, was sentenced to 12 years in prison Monday for taking bribes of over US$6 million
Death of Russian general in Syria is result of US hypocrisy – Moscow
Iraq PMU (Hashd) leader says small clashes occurred between Peshmerga and PMU in Tuz Khurmatu, Saladin province.
Airstrike on Halouz village in Latakia
Airstrike on Halouz village in Latakia
RuAF hit center of Jisr al-Shughur town in western Idlib with 6 bombs
RuAF hit center of Jisr al-Shughur town in western Idlib with  6 bombs
[email protected]: StandForOurAnthem
"March for peace" was held in St.Petersburg
Marine Le Pen comments on the BTW17 and is happy for "ally" AfD
Chinese President Xi Jinping holds phone talks with the UK Prime Minister @theresa_may over Korean Peninsula issue
Mayor of London Sadiq Khan says he is pleased the Chief Executive of Uber has acknowledged the issues the company faces
Russia's state TV reports that Germany's far-right party AfD supports the view that Crimea belongs to Russia, will now have 94 seats.
OIR Spokesman: SDF reported indirect fire nearby their locations. @CJTFOIR deconflicting with Russians, passing info to ensure compliance with agreed deconflicting measures
Reno: A Reno man is behind bars after shooting a juvenile in the leg near Huffaker Park on Sunday afternoon, according to Sgt. Andy Carter. Carter says officers with the Reno Police Department responded to the 7500 block of Offenhauser Dr. at about 3:30 p.m. on the report of a shooting that had just occurred
Tempe: Police are looking for a man who they say intentionally rammed another vehicle at Tempe Marketplace. Tempe police say officers observed the suspect ramming another vehicle in the Tempe Marketplace parking lot early Monday morning.
28 bodies found yesterday; 17 today and 90+ still missing im Myanmar
Egypt's Sissi to Netanyahu: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Would Create New Reality in Mideast