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24 February 2018
Venezuela, Nicaragua, Boli, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador have rejected a resolution by the Organization of American States requiring Venezuela to cancel its planned April 22 presidential elections.
Warplanes continue to bomb Eastern Ghouta after UNSC voting
11 minute ago
Officer involved shooting near children's hospital Valley Children's Hospital, Valley Children's Pl, Madera
19 minute ago
US UN envoy : Russia and Iran must respond to stop atrocities in Syria
29 minute ago
UNSC Unanimously voted for a 30-day cease-fire in Syria
29 minute ago
UNSC unanimously adopts Syria resolution for 30-day ceasefire
29 minute ago
Resolution on Syria was unanimously adopted by 15 votes
32 minute ago
Sweden UN envoy: It is time for the Security Council to show its responsibility collectively
34 minute ago
Tornado Warning including Magazine AR, Havana AR, New Blaine AR until 1:45 PM CST
4 artillery points near Hader destroyed as result of retaliation fire from Turkish checkpoint near Al-Eis
Syrian Civil Defense: attack with incendiary ammunition on Al Shaffoniya in Eastern Ghouta
41 minute ago
Agreement reached on the first procedural paragraph in the draft resolution on Syria
Eastern Damascus: Rebels bombed today Dumeir Airbase with Grad rockets.
Reports of Iranian militias shelled Turkish checkpoint near Al Eis
53 minute ago
[email protected]: Armed Educators (and trusted people who work within a school) love our students and will protect them. Very smart people. Must be firearms adept and have annual training. Should get yearly bonus. Shootings will not happen again - a big and very inexpensive deterrent. Up to States.
Syrian Ambassador Jaafari heads into UNSC ahead of possible delayed vote on Syria ceasefire
2 hour ago
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia denied that cocaine found in Argentina was to be sent via a diplomatic mail
North Afrin: pics by @khalidaboalmjed from Ancient Town of Cyrrhus (Nabi Huri) showing the Roman bridge and hexagonal mausoleum
DR Congo ruling party supporters storm Kinshasa cathedral
Pretty chilled Saturday over at UN headquarters. The meeting on Ghouta was supposed to start at 12pm but barely anyone has arrived.
NW. Idlib: HTS is very close to frontline between OliveBranch and YPG, seeing town of Jindires. Opposed to OB forces, it calls them "EuphratesShield gangs".
2 hour ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 187km S of Hirara, Japan
[email protected] on way into UNSC vote on Syria ceasefire - "Today we're going to see if Russia has a conscience."
2 hour ago
Tornado Warning including Mena AR, Potter AR, Y City AR until 11:15 AM CST
Turkmen Division at Dunbali village south to Rajo
Turkish warplanes carried out several airstrikes in the area of Sheran.
Armed opposition bombing the Dumair military airport near the eastern Ghouta
Department of State:Statement by @StateDeptSpox on concerns for democracy in Venezuela: United States respects the decision by Venezuelan opposition parties to reject President Maduro's terms and conditions for April presidential elections.
China foreign ministry says it opposes unilateral sanctions imposed by US on DPRK shipping and vessels that target Chinese individuals and entities and warns such mistaken actions could harm cooperation.
Balafirên şer ên artêşa Tirk navenda navçeya Cindrêsê bombebaran kirin berxwedanaSerdeme
The Czech president has requested the release of a suspected Russia’s hacker to Russia, and not to the US - a minister
5 hour ago
KCNA: "The DPRK's nuclear weapons are targeted against the U.S. and if the U.S. shows even the slightest sign of provocation, the whole U.S. mainland will face resolute and merciless nuclear blow."
5 hour ago
KCNA: "It will be enough to provoke laughter to think that the DPRK built the nuclear force and even have had access to the inter-continental ballistic missile, risking everything just to put palm-size south Korea only under its nose under control."
5 hour ago
KCNA: "The DPRK's state nuclear force never targets the fellow countrymen as it is the strategic asset common to the nation for guaranteeing the peace and security on the Korean peninsula."
First satellite images show two Russian 5th generation Sukhoi Su-57 at Khmeimim air base in Latakia, Syria. Via @imagesatint
This video, from Eastern Ghouta shows @SyriaCivilDef team putting our fires caused by incendiary munitions . 23/24 Feb.
Hundereds of Turkish security forces are waiting to participate OperationOliveBranch in Afrin with armoured fighting vehicles5 hour ago
Hundereds of Turkish security forces are waiting to participate #OperationOliveBranch in Afrin with armoured fighting vehicles
5 hour ago
The rally against the reform of Russian-speaking schools was held in Riga
Madhya Pradesh: 70.40% voting turnout recorded in Kolaras by-polls
Daraa: 18th March Division (part of Bunian Marsus Op. Room) striking government positions in Daraa Mahatta.
A building collapsed in Wadala area of Mumbai, search & rescue operation underway
6 hour ago
Third man arrested in Greenwich murder investigation
Madhya Pradesh: 77.05% voting turnout recorded in Mungaoli by-polls
Lawmakers stage sit-in near border over visit by North Korean general blamed for warship sinking
Three people received minor injuries and have been shifted to King George Hospital in Visakhapatnam
ANHA confim 3 dead government fighters in Rajo after airstrike
RuAF Tu-154 RA-85155 escort for fighter jets from Latakia back to Astrakhan on the shortcut route today6 hour ago
RuAF Tu-154 RA-85155 escort for fighter jets from Latakia back to Astrakhan on the shortcut route today
Two Marines dead in separate Cotabato City shootings
Dozen of Turkish aircrafts bombing Jandaris
Members of the Presidential Delegation, led by @IvankaTrump, cheer on the US Men's Curling team
Blaze engulfs six floors of New Sindh Secretariat6 hour ago
Blaze engulfs six floors of New Sindh Secretariat
6 hour ago
The High Peace Council on Saturday announced its backing for the Afghan government’s move to close the Taliban’s office in Qatar but said the body was ready for talks wherever the rebels wanted
Another 11 YPG fighters were killed by Olive Branch forces in Afrin region, the militia reports
Commander in Chief of Garo National Liberation Army Sohan D Shira shot dead in an encounter with the security forces in Samanda block in East Garo hills
6 hour ago
A Ukrainian opposition lawmaker who helped uncover off-the-books payments to President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman says a former Austrian chancellor was among the European politicians secretly paid to lobby for Ukraine
AfrinOp: as OliveBranch forces possibly confronted yesterday pro-Assad fighters near Rajo, some of them reportedly killed today by Turkish bombardment on same front.
Turkish jets shell recently deployed pro-Syrian government forces in Raju, northwestern Afrin, one killed
A 48-year-old man was shot dead by an unidentified assailant in Sitio Alaska Proper, Barangay Mambaling, Cebu City tonight
6 hour ago
Turkey says U.S. decision to open embassy in Jerusalem damaging peace
The death toll from twin explosions in Mogadishu stands at 34 according to Madina hospital director
FSA captured Dunbali in Rajo district from YPG
Pakistan's interior minister says the Islamic nation will expedite steps to curb terror financing and money laundering
Eastern Ghouta: Intense air strikes and ground to ground missile attacks. L39 seen bombing the area.
Eastern Ghouta: Intense air strikes and ground to ground missile attacks. L39 seen bombing the area.
Turkish army is also bombing Rajo district
FSA Forces Captured Syrian Flag and burned it.
15 civilians were killed in Douma since morning today by more than 7 airstrikes
Turkish jets shell Kurdish YPG targets in Jindires, southwestern Afrin. Turkish forces trying to enter the town.
Unconfirmed: Turkish Warplanes Targeted NDF(Syrian Army) Forces in Jinderes and Rajo.
Heavy clashes are taking place at Omarah and Arabwaran villages/Shera. Turkish army's bombardment is also continues in the same are
Turkish army units covered by warplanes trying to enter Jandaris, southwestern Afrin.
South Syria: aftermath of Israeli airstrikes on suspected Iranian base S. of Damascus (Kiswah), 2nd area targeted early December 2017.
8 hour ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 - 142km NNW of Pagudpud, Philippines
9 hour ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 22km ESE of Onan Ganjang, Indonesia
Death toll rises to 38 in Mogadishu bombings: ambulance service
10 hour ago
Three bombs rock capital of Myanmar's Rakhine state
North Korean media says nuke arsenal only aimed at U.S.
10 hour ago
At least 23 people are killed and over a dozen wounded in multiple suicide bombings and attacks in Afghanistan, the latest in a series of assaults in the war-torn country
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the control over Hajilar and Ebukib villages near Jinderes from the YPG.
11 hour ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 147km ESE of Ohara, Japan
Syrian government air raids killed a further 32 people in rebel-held suburbs east of Damascus on Friday
Militant contingent arrives at Camp Crame; calls to free all political prisoners, particularly NDFP consultant Rafael Baylosis
12 hour ago
ISIS claims Kabul suicide attack, says dozens killed or wounded. The official death toll is one dead and several wounded
China: Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale held talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing
Three bombs rock Myanmar's northwestern city Sittwe, policeman injured12 hour ago
Three bombs rock Myanmar's northwestern city Sittwe, policeman injured
12 hour ago
Daesh claims responsibility for a suicide bomb in Afghan capital that killed two persons and wounded seven others on Saturday morning
The death toll has risen to at least 3 civilians killed in Harasta after Russian airstrikes targeted residential neighborhoods in the town.
Bijapur: An anti-landmine vehicle spun out of control and crashed, killing 1 security personnel and injuring another
Heavy clashes sustained around Jinderes town for the whole night. Olive Branch Forces, supported by T129 Attack Heli's , captured Abu Kab and Hacılar villages
Downtown Seoul today: Olympic spirit and right wing protest mash up12 hour ago
Downtown Seoul today: Olympic spirit and right wing protest mash up
12 hour ago
An Afghan official says at least 18 soldiers have been killed after their checkpoint came under attack by Taliban insurgents in western Farah province
12 hour ago
Koreas Trade minister to head to U.S. to find ways to ease mounting pressure
12 hour ago
South Korea says U.S. sanctions on North will bolster U.N. resolutions
A car caught fire in Delhi's Dhaula Kuan area, fire being doused12 hour ago
A car caught fire in Delhi's Dhaula Kuan area, fire being doused
Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull declines to offer Trump any advice on gun control
12 hour ago
Department of State:Deputy Secretary Sullivan in Riga: The United States, Lat, and our NATO Allies also clearly recognize the threat posed by Russia. We remain focused on countering Russian efforts to undermine democratic institutions and the transatlantic partnership.
12 hour ago
Kabul: The ministry of interior's deputy spokesman Nusrat Rahimi has confirmed three dead in a suicide bombing in Kabul's PD 9 in Shashdarak area bordering the Green Zone on Saturday morning
Rudaw says Kirkuk is not safe as Iraqi forces are withdrawing from south and southwest Kirkuk and quotes a PUK official saying ISIS in charge of 40% of south Kirkuk. NRT quotes another PUK official saying the city is safe
12 hour ago
Turkish army claims 1931 militants were killed during Olive Branch operation
12 hour ago
IS affirms "45 Afghan intelligence personnel were killed and wounded as a result of the suicide attack in the city of Kabul"
FSA "Jaysh al-Nasr" seized Abu Qib village on eastern side of Jinderes in south western Afrin from YPG
12 hour ago
A Farah provincial council official Dadullah Qani on Saturday said at least 20 Afghan National Army soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack on a military base in the province
12 hour ago
Kyiv's reintegration law confirms intention to end Donbass war by force - Moscow
12 hour ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - South Indian Ocean
Turkish war planes are bombarding the center of district Jindires and the village Erebweran of district Shera
Photographs from the village of Abu Kab captured this morning.
Somalia Local sources confirm 5 al Shabaab suicide attackers killed at least 35 soldiers and officers including drivers and bodyguards in attack to Presidential palace and HQ of inte in Mogadishu
[email protected] is battling a fully engulfed house fire in the Mount Washington area.
Firefighters battle a house fire in 1100 block of Oban Drive in Mt. Washington
13 hour ago
Security forces quickly cordoned off the area in Shashdarak after at least one person was killed in Saturday's suicide bombing
13 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties13 hour ago
13 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
14 hour ago
[email protected]: Standing down from this weekend's launch attempt to conduct additional testing on the fairing's pressurization system. Once complete, and pending range availability, we will confirm a new targeted launch date.
Unknown armed group attacks house of police official in Kirkuk province, Iraq.
SyAF/RuAF air strikes this morning. This photo is showing a air strike on Irbin
US biathletes are choosing not to go to final World Cup in Tyumen, Russia.
ISIS fighters escape from US-backed detention in Syria
16 hour ago
[email protected]: "Our country is starting to do well. We are going to make it greater, better, safer than it ever was before. The reason is you."
17 hour ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 32km ESE of Namie, Japan
17 hour ago
[email protected]: "The Democrats voted in favor of sanctuary cities. In other words, they voted to protect criminal aliens instead ofthe American citizens. To secure our country, we are calling on Congress to build a great border wall to stop dangerous drugs and criminals"
17 hour ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 105km SW of Ndoi Island, Fiji
17 hour ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - offshore El Salvador
20 hour ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
21 hour ago
[email protected]: Thank you to the great men and women of the United States @SecretService for a job well done!
Sen. John Cornyn, the second-ranking GOP senator, says President Trump's proposal to raise the age limit to 21 to buy a rifle may not save lives and may not pass the Senate
21 hour ago
@ClevelandISDTX police say a video posted on social media featured the student firing a semi-automatic weapon and referenced the school. Parents, please pay attention to what your child is posting on social media.
Eastern Damascus: artillery bombardment with incendiary munitions on town of Irbeen.
A Turkish helicopter firing on YPG targets in Afrin
Fire burning in Oakland, sending huge plume of smoke into the air
Mueller files new indictment that alleges former Trump campaign manager Manafort secretly paid former senior European politicians in 2012 to lobby for pro-Russia government of Ukraine
Mueller found this out on Manafort-Ukraine
Clashes today at Huwara, south of Nablus21 hour ago
Clashes today at Huwara, south of Nablus
Iraqi Army and PMF Militia leaving the majority of military locations around Kirkuk , The situation began to be a dangerous
22 hour ago
Former Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin player taken in custody after threatening Instagram post
22 hour ago
German media sources: World Cup 2022 may be transferred from Qatar to England or United States
Manafort hit with new (superseding) indictment by Mueller, hours after Gates pleads guilty, charged with secret payments to European politicians.
Special counsel accuses Paul Manafort of secretly paying former European politicians to lobby on behalf of Ukraine
The vote on a draft Security Council resolution on the truce in Syria postponed to Saturday
Eastern Ghouta tonight
Clashes in Jinderes area tonight
22 hour ago
Trump: Kelly will handle Kushner security clearance
Armed groups in Jarablus city found a motorcycle with bomb on it today
Artillery shelling by YPG on KelJebrin town near Azaz North Aleppo
Eastern Damascus: heavy bombardment and new incendiary attacks ongoing tonight on several towns of E. Ghouta.
22 hour ago
[email protected]: Today, @FLOTUS Melania and I were honored to welcome Prime Minister @TurnbullMalcolm and Mrs. Turnbull of Australia to the @WhiteHouse!
N. Daraa: Shabab Sunnah shelling 12th Armoured Brigade near Izra.
The white Chevy SUV that crashed into White House barrier has a Tennessee license plate from Rutherford County - WSMV
US strike in Syria's Deir Ezzor killed 218 pro-government Russian fighters on Feb. 7, paramilitary chief tells FRANCE 24
U.S. Secret Service:: No shots were fired during the vehicle incident near the White House.
Pakistan need not kill or capture militants such as members of the Haqqani network that use its territory to launch attacks in Afghanistan but could push them across the border instead, a senior U.S. official said
Official: White House on lockdown after vehicle strikes security barrier
Person driving a passenger vehicle struck a security barrier near the White House; "Vehicle did not breach the security barrier of the White House complex," Secret Service says.
White House has locked the press office doors, which are typically open all day. A few moments ago, three uniformed Secret Service officers running toward the residence.
Police fire shots at vehicle that crashed into the White House barrier
Paul Manafort says he had "hoped and expected" that Rick Gates would have "the strength" to continue to trial, claims Gates chose to plead guilty for "reasons yet to surface."
Pentagon spokesman confirms McMaster memo to Mattis "We are in receipt of the National Security Advisor's memo."
The Trump administration escalated pressure on North Korea Friday by slapping sanctions on scores of companies and ships accused of illicit trading with the pariah nation. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the U.S. has now blacklisted virtually all ships being used by the North
Secret Service tells me the security situation is elevated here at the White House. Uniformed officers are blocking off areas typically accessible to the press. Unclear if there's anything significant going on.
A vehicle has rammed into one of the gate barriers at the White House. USSS deployed.
"He's going to do what's right for the country" @POTUS says of Gen. Kelly "I have no doubt he'll make the right decision" re security clearances
This was Pres Trump's 22nd joint press conference with a foreign leader at home or abroad.
"It's a broken system" @POTUS says of security clearances, but says he will let Chief of Staff Kelly make the call on who gets clearances and who deoesn't
"He works for nothing," @POTUS adds of Jared Kushner, praising his work on Israel-Palestinian conflict "We're actually making great headway"
"Jared's done an outstanding job" says @POTUS when asked about Chief of Staff Kelly ending practice of giving interim security clearances. "I think he's been treated very unfairly. He's a high quality person"
In federal court ex @realDonaldTrump campaign deputy leader Rick Gates pleads guilty to conspiracy and lying charges.
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square6 month ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
8 month ago
The Japanese government has created a nationwide television broadcast advising civilians on how to protect themselves in the event of a North Korean missile attack.